Services Sunday at 8:00 AM & 10:45 AM | Wednesday at 7:00 PM
14120 Noel Rd. Dallas, TX 75254 | 972-239-1120

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Prayer Center

  • Prayer Requested By:  Joseph  (Apr 12,2014)
    "Please pray for my father as he is dealing with a rare type of cancer. God I ask in the name of Jesus that you will erase all cancer cells."   

  • Prayer Requested By:  Super User  (Mar 19,2014)
    "All glory goes to the Prime Creator for instilling wisdom into my life. I have prayed for wisdom every since I was in high school and I truly believe my prayers early on have made a great impact on my life."   

  • Prayer Requested By:  Super User  (Mar 19,2014)

    Thank you God for the many financial blessing that you have bestowed upon my family. Your guidance has enabled me to be self-employed working as a true business owner. Thank you for this blessing.


The Pastor


A Warm Welcome from
Pastor Kwesi Kamau