Healthy Beginnings Child Care Center

Using the Beginning to Create Great Futures

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Who We Are

The Healthy Beginning Child Care Center is designed for children from six weeks old to 4 years old. Staffed by early childhood professionals,  the center is designed to meet the needs of the child by providing a soft, nurturing, stimulative environment to enhance the child's growth potential.  Each child's Individual Development Growth Plan assures the accomplishment of measurable development gains.


What We Cost and Why


  • Registration Fee: $100.00 (non-refundable)

  • Full Time Care (3 days or more):

    • 6 weeks to 18 month old care: $165.00/week

    • Toddler Care (No Potty Training): $150.00/week

    • Toddler Care (Potty Trained): $135.00/week

  • Part-time care (2 days or less): $75.00/week

NOTE:  When you enroll, the child must be enrolled for full time OR part time.  Weeks can not be combined to make up one week.  Rates are based on days and not times. 


How To Contact Us

  • Address: 14120 Noel Road, Dallas, Texas 75254

  • Phone Number: 972-404-1412


What You Can Do 

If you would like us to be a part of your child's learning experience,  here's what you will need to do. 

1.  Fill out the Pre-application below. 

2.  If you are accepted, you will need to fill out the following:


Healthy Beginnings Pre-Application

If you are interested in us being a part of your child's educational development, please fill out the below information and a member of the Healthy Beginnings team will contact you with more information.  Thank you!

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